This barrier is unrelated to the end of the transition period, following the United Kingdom's departure from the EU.


Safeguard duties for 'Textile Products Tekstil' (TPT) exports to Indonesia

in Indonesia

Trade barrier summary

Recent Ministry of Finance regulations impose safeguard duties on imported TPT goods - including yarn products from synthetic and artificial staple fibres, fabrics, and items such as curtains, inner blinds, and bed nets.

This is an additional levy to the general import duty or preferential duty requirements. There are 124 countries that are exempt.

These measures follow an investigation by the Indonesian Trade Security Committee, revealing that domestic industry had suffered losses due to a surge in imports of fabric products.

The regulation will apply from 27 May 2020 to 8 November 2022, with 3 different tariffs for each period:

1. 27 May 2020 to 8 Nov 2020 (Rp 41,083/kg)
2. 9 Nov 2020 to 8 Nov 2021 (Rp 34,961/kg)
3. 9 Nov 2021 to 8 Nov 2022 (Rp 28,839/kg)

HS codes affected: 6303.12.00, 6303.19.90, 6303.91.00, 6303.92.00, 6303.99.00, 6304.19.90, 6304.91.90, and 6304.92.00.

Sectors affected

  • Consumer and retail



Date reported

15 June 2020

Last updated

18 December 2020

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