This barrier is unrelated to the end of the transition period, following the United Kingdom's departure from the EU.


UK and EU's method for collecting edible blood is not accepted by the CFIA in Canada

in Canada

Trade barrier summary

CFIA (the Canadian Food Inspection Agency) requires edible blood, edible blood fractions (eg plasma, clotting factors, cells) and edible meat products containing blood and/or blood fractions (eg sausages, blood pudding) derived from bovines or swine slaughtered in the EU, to be certified as using a closed blood collection method eg using a hollow knife, or cannula.

This export requirement means that these blood products, often produced with alternative methods, cannot be exported to Canada.

Sectors affected

  • Agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and pets
  • Food and drink



Date reported

8 November 2019

Last updated

18 December 2020

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