This barrier is unrelated to the end of the transition period, following the United Kingdom's departure from the EU.

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Stringent registration requirements for overseas lawyers in Japan

in Japan

Trade barrier summary

To register as a 'gaiben' - attorney of foreign law - in Japan, an individual must have three years' professional experience in his/her respective home country's law, of which two years must have been obtained from outside Japan. This may lead to additional costs for overseas legal businesses and individuals.

On 20 May 2020, the House of Representatives in Japan passed a bill to expand the Act on Special Measures concerning the Handling of Legal Services by Foreign Lawyers (the “2020 Gaiben law”). Now, whilst the requirement for three years post-qualification experience remains, the 2020 Gaiben law allows up to a two years provision of service in Japan with one year post-qualification overseas work experience. The post-qualification requirement acts as a barrier as it doesn’t take into account the experience that UK lawyers get whilst going through the process of qualifying to become a lawyer, meaning that they need additional experience in order to provide services in Japan.

Sectors affected

  • Financial and professional services



Date reported

12 March 2019

Last updated

18 December 2020

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