Trade barriers in Vietnam

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Title Sector Location
Offshore wind Feed-In-Tariff requirements in Vietnam affecting UK exporters/investors Energy Vietnam
License requirements for solar power developers in Vietnam Energy Vietnam
Restrictive capacity cap in Vietnam to connect solar to power grids affecting UK energy sector exporters/investors Energy Vietnam
Limits on overseas reinsurance companies in Vietnam Financial and professional services Vietnam
Lack of regulation for overseas financial technology businesses in Vietnam Financial and professional services Vietnam
Lack of recognition for UK teaching qualifications in Vietnam Financial and professional services, Education and training, Financial and professional services, Healthcare services Vietnam
Long marketing authorisation for pharmaceutical products in affecting UK exporters in Vietnam Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology Vietnam

If a trade barrier is affecting your exports or investment from the UK, please let us know on report a trade barrier .

If you export goods you can check duties and customs procedures for your chosen market.

Resolved trade barriers are listed separately.