This barrier is unrelated to the end of the transition period, following the United Kingdom's departure from the EU.

Public ID: PID-9JK7XB

Pre-shipment inspections in Indonesia affect UK exporters

in Indonesia

Trade barrier summary

Under 2015 regulations, food, drinks, clothing, footwear, toys, electronics and cosmetic exports to Indonesia must be inspected in the country of origin before shipment.

The pre-shipment inspection is required by Indonesian customs and also determines whether the goods comply with the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

Instead of carrying out one product inspection per manufacturing cycle, there is a requirement to repeat inspections on each individual shipment of the same product

Sectors affected

  • Agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and pets
  • Consumer and retail
  • Food and drink
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
  • Technology and smart cities



Date reported

29 January 2019

Last updated

17 December 2020

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