This barrier is unrelated to the end of the transition period, following the United Kingdom's departure from the EU.

Public ID: PID-9J56R9

Restrictive advertisement requirements for alcohol affecting UK exporters/investors in Thailand

in Thailand

Trade barrier summary

Thailand has tight regulations on alcohol advertising. The following are prohibited:
- the full or partial display of a product packaging image in all media. Only the registered logo of an alcoholic beverage or producers of the product may be displayed on TV, movie, picture or electronic media advert
- logos greater than 5% for adverts in TV, movie or printed media and greater than 3% for other media types
- adverts on TV, radio, movies outside the hours of 10pm to 5am
- the display of alcohol adverts on the cover page, back cover, middle pages, and package of printed media
- promotions, including all means of discounts and promotions

Logos can only appear at the end of an advert and for no longer than 2 seconds.

Sectors affected

  • Food and drink



Date reported

24 May 2019

Last updated

17 December 2020

Public ID


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